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Galvanized Steel Coil

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Galvanized Steel Coils are produced through a process of metal   coating which involves passing cold rolled coils through a kettle containing   molten zinc. This process ensures adhesion of zinc to the surface of the   steel sheet, The zinc layer provides excellent corrosion resistance and   prolong service life. Hot Dipped Galvanized products are widely used in   household appliances, transport, container manufacturing, roofing, base   material for pre-painting, ducting and other construction related   applications.
Standard:GB / JIS / ASTM / EN
Base Material:Cold Rolled Coil /   Hot Rolled Coil
Thickness:0.12-4.0 mm
Width:20-1500 mm
Zn Coating:30-600 g/
Surface:Chromated / Oiled /   Un-oiled (Dry)
Spangle:Zero Spangle / Regular Spangle / Big Spangle
Hardness:Soft (HRB 60) /   Medium Hard (HRB 60-85) / Full Hard (HRB 85-95)
Type:Coil / Flat Sheet /   Strips / Corrugated Sheet


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