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GI products will corrode naturally when exposed to the atmosphere, so pls properly store and transport galvanized steel, don’t damage the zinc coating, otherwise maybe reduce the service life of the hot-dip galvanized products. 

if long time stacking galvanized articles closely together or nesting, limiting access to freely circulating air, can lead to the formation of a white powdery product know as wet storage stain.

Wet storage stain is essentially a buildup of zinc hydroxide on the surface of the steel. If the storage condition not dry, this build up will remain on the steel and when mass quantities can cause excessive corrosion finally.  

To avoid such situation happen, pls follow the storage terms:

Provide adequate ventilation between stacked layers and avoid nested stacking,check the package whether damaged to prevent water leakage or moisture penetration;

Elevate and separate articles stacked with strip spacers (poplar, ash, spruce); stack less than 2 layers;

Prevent uncovered material from being left at in-transit loading points where it may be exposed to rain, mist, condensation, or snow

Storage under cover in dry and dust-proof, well-ventilated conditions,no corrosive gas, away from doorways open to the environment;

less than 3months storage, long-term storage may be easily polluted by the environment and cause the surface to corrode,also the surface of zinc coating possibly peel off due to the abnormal pressure;

prevent oil powder or dirt from sticking to the surface of the galvanized sheet, thereby affecting the effect of galvanizing.

do not store in an open-air environment, if choose an open-air environment,pls pay attention to rainproof measures, cover with rain cloth, and use wooden spacers;

Maintain a low humidity environment

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